Bolding survey that someone has put some effort into


I get easily obsessed with things but the obsessive feelings never last that long.

I have an iPhone 5 instead of having a phone & an iPod.

My favorite skin/hair care line is Kiehl’s.

I still go on a website that I frequented as a child.

If I’m dying my hair, I would only use the pump/foam kind.

One of my favorite things to do daily is grab the mail, but I’m usually disappointed to find nothing in there.

I collect either products with my favorite animal on it or favorite cartoon character on it.

I love shopping a little too much for my own good.

The top languages I would learn would be American Sign Language, French, German, & Russian.

I can’t walk in heels to save my life, but I’m trying.

I sign up for basically any loyalty program I can.

If I had the money, I’d buy lots of items on Etsy.

I don’t ever want to get married.

I say I always need to clean but wait the last second to actually clean.

I work in a clothing store.

I prefer Reddit over 9gag or any website that is similar.

I really hate bumper stickers & rarely find one that I think is cute or is something clever.

Headphones or earphones, I don’t really care which one I’m using just as long as it does the job.

I use a comb rather than a brush.

For the most part, I love my outside appearance but I would change a few things about my personality if I could instantly.

When I say I am laughing on the internet, I rarely actually laugh out loud. It doesn’t mean I’m not actually laughing on the inside though.

I could spend ages in store such as IKEA or big department stores.

One of my favorite things to eat during holidays would be dinner rolls.

I hope one day, I’m completely happy with my life & myself.

My bedroom walls are a bright colour.

My house really needs a makeover.

Having my own talk show would be super fun.

My dream job is to be an author.

I wear my hair up most of the time.

Someone has confessed to liking me recently.

I feel like a ghost most of the time.

Grapefruit is the best smelling body wash.

Cucumber is the best smelling body wash.

I have seen a real live tiger before.

I’ve ripped a purse before from having so much stuff in it.

I’ve hurt someone with a knife before.

Salad is delicious.

My fingers are really short.

I read and love fanfics.

My family has French ancestors.

Boys always smell good.

I’ve been told I could be a model before.

I say whatever’s on my mind.

I say ‘horrifying’ instead of plain old ‘scary’.

I’ve proposed to someone before.

I’d be miserable if I couldn’t go on the computer for a month.

I’ve been told I’m a waste of air before.

I tell my pets I love them.

I’m allergic to so many things.

I’d rather eat nothing but hot dogs than eat nothing but oranges.

I am happy with who I am.

I live with an aunt or uncle.

Bzoink = best site ever.

I know someone who is due to have a baby any day now.

I haven’t had fast food in years.

I never ask permission for anything - I just go ahead and do it.

Most of my wardrobe is black.

I make the BEST spaghetti.

I went to church this week.

I have no idea where my dad is right now.

I don’t know a lot of people in my facebook friends.

There’s no way I’d ever move from the city I live in right now.

Reese’s Pieces are the best snack for all-nighters.

I own a pair of cowboy boots.

I just woke up.

If someone looked in my closet right now they’d think I’m a neat freak.

Blueberry pancakes are soo much better then chocolate chip ones.

I’ve changed diapers so many times before I don’t even mind it anymore.

There’s a hammock in my backyard.

I prefer to hear the truth, no matter how mean it is.

I wish I could go out with Jude Law.

Just the thought of fish makes me feel like throwing up.

I have a huge garden with lots of flowers.

Designer labels don’t matter.

The last person I spoke to over IM is really annoying.

I’ve never given up on anything before.

I have been judged by my skin colour before.

There’s a certain friend who always ditches me for their bf/gf.

I’m dating the last person I texted.

It’s ‘coloUr’, not ‘color’.

I don’t think I’d survive without my favourite hoodie.

After reading for hours on end my head starts to hurt and I feel drowsy.

I think one of the most mundane tasks is drying my hair after a shower.

When I find a new song I like it isn’t unusual for me to listen to it on repeat for an hour.

If I could live in yoga pants, I would.

I’m scared that I’ll never get out to see as much of the world as I want to.

I absolutely love the smell of fresh laundry.

I like to drink milk with dinner more than any other beverage.

I plug my cellphone in to charge every night.

I had to take cooking, sewing, metal shop, and wood shop in high school.

I always roll my eyes when I see something political on Facebook.

The underwear I have on right now is bright coloured.

The sound of birds chirping in the morning is one of the most annoying sounds to wake up to.

I have never dropped my cell phone in the toilet.

I’m more tired than usual right now.

I love gummy candy.

Sometimes when I get extremely bored it puts me in a really bad mood.

I pretty much know nothing about cars and how they work.

I like to buy things for other people, but I rarely have the money for it.

I never sing in the shower.

I hate it when I have something to rant about but no survey questions ask me anything related to it.

I get really sick of seeing the same questions on a lot surveys.

Songs don’t make me cry.

Many of my dreams are neither good nor bad, they’re just weird.

I have a lot of phrases that I like to use and I don’t know why.

I cannot stand being too hot. It’s one of my least favorite things.

I call my friends booboo quite frequently.

I would consider myself to be open-minded.

I don’t like Zooey Deschanel.

I currently have a bruise.